Kari Bell was born and raised in the North East US. She holds a BA, MA and a PHD and this education was the basis of a 30 year career in Higher Education. Kari lived overseas for numbers of years and travelled extensively when women did not. Art was a regular activity in her life but there was nothing to suggest Kari would pursue this as a second career.

Kari’s work has been in numerous shows including Mayfair (PA), LemonadeStand Gallery (FL), BitFactory Gallery (CO), Greenwood Village Curtis Center for the Arts (CO) and Hangar 41 (CO) among many. She is known locally and sells nationally. In 2016, she was introduced to cold wax medium and oils which is now her preferred medium.

Kari and her wife Sandy live and thrive in Colorado.

Everybody has a journey

My paintings come from the heart…and the gut…as an expression of my journey during the last decade. The colors, textures and designs of my paintings detail the facets of who I am and who I have become. They may be vibrant and abstract, subtle and calming, purposeful and magnetic, contemplative and maybe a little out of the ordinary. My art is me.

My art reflects my journey, not dissimilar to all journeys. It is the art of emancipation from stressful times, disappointment, occasional chaos and negativity. It celebrates the arrival at new, illuminating, fruitful and joyful times.

When I paint I experience peace, a profound peace of knowing I have stepped forward on my journey with no fetters. It is contentment, softness, gentleness and optimism. It is light, color and texture.

I am unbound; I am a free spirit.